The Modern Guide to College
The Modern Guide to College

The Modern Guide to College

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Did you know that $2.6 million in scholarships are left unclaimed every year? Learn how to get your student’s share, plus tips on how to graduate debt free — all with The Modern Guide to College. Plus, since affording college is only one piece of the puzzle, this book will help you to help your student from now until college graduation — and beyond.

You can’t afford to wait. Your student’s college application and scholarship deadlines are just around the corner. Get your free copy of The Modern Guide to College today! Use promo code "SUCCESS" at checkout to get your book for FREE. (Pay only for shipping.)

How did we get here? As a dad, Dr. Kent Ingle knows exactly how you feel. Your son or daughter’s high school graduation is almost here (seriously, how did that happen so fast?) and, on top of all that emotion, college is looming ahead and you’re not quite sure what to do next.

Also available on Audible and for Amazon Kindle.